We Have A New Trailer!

We are over the moon grateful to the IJ Burich foundation and what they have provided to CRHFH.

We wrote to the foundation about needing a new trailer to transport our building tools and supplies, our trailer we had was a 1997 and it does show its age.

We asked for $5,000.00 and with that said we would only purchase from a local business to keep the money local and to support a local business.

So we did receive the grant and we purchased a new trailer from B&B Sports, so it all went wonderfully well. We acknowledged the Bank with their logo on the trailer and are super excited to show it off.

COVID absolutely changed our ability to raise funds. Actually put us at a total standstill. Every event we do was cancelled. Hammer & Nails, Brat stands, Music in the Park, Parades, Barn Sale, Thanks for Giving etc.

About three years ago our Habitat trailer was broken into and all of out tools were stolen. It was the Burich foundation that stepped up and gave us the money to purchase news tools.

So what this foundation means to us is everything, it has continued to help us to follow our Mission: to provide safe, decent affordable homes to all.

We are so grateful for the IJ Burich Foundation for their support.