Annual Fund Drive

As a member of McLeod County since 1994 our goals for 2019 are that we continue to provide families with safe, decent and affordable homes within our county. In order for us to accomplish this we need your support. We not only need volunteers to help us when building, we need people to join in our efforts to gain support for our mission. Consider becoming a board member or how about simply becoming an advocate for CRHFH and help us to find families in need of affordable housing as well as engaging members of our community to become involved in our mission.  Keep in mind in order for us to help others we need to raise funds so we can build homes and we need the support of our community to make this happen.

Our vision is clear and with the support of others we will succeed.

Goals for 2019

  1. Help families with affordable housing needs within our county.
  2. Expand our number of  volunteer’s, including partnerships with area businesses to volunteer.
  3. Engage more members of our community to be apart of our mission.
  4. Raise funds to build and/or renovate homes within our county.
  5.  Acquire affordable land in which to build or property to renovate within our county.
  6. Help to support  and engage others to be apart of building a stronger community in which we live.

Join us in our mission, by becoming involved in helping us to achieve our goals and giving others an opportunity to achieve theirs.